Monday, May 2, 2011

Norma Jean Barker

Hi, my name is Norma Jean Barker. I am a 3 year old Bishug.

My Daddy was a Pug,

My mommy was a Bishon.

I am a princess!!!

I am named after another blonde bombshell. Norma Jean Baker or Marilyn Monroe. I love her.

I like to do lots of things, like eat. Do tricks, maybe I can  post a video of my tricks another time.

I love camping, here I am at Topaz Mountain in Utah.

I love taking naps.

I love soft pink things. I love treats and bones. I love my human mommy and daddy.

So this is my new blog and I hope to find lots of new freinds here both two and four legged ones. So check back often and leave a comment if you would like.


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